Thursday, April 18, 2013

Knoll Textiles

I recently went to an IIDA event where there was a lecture about the history of Knoll Textiles. It was FASCINATING! There is so much history to the fabrics we take for granted that we see every day. In honor of my new found knowledge of Knoll, below are my top 5 fabrics of theirs right now:

Zoom | Light
A pleasant color way and a beautiful flow of spherical design. Elegant and geometric.

Atelier | Fireworks
Look at all that color in one fabric, and it's performance grade! Win, Win. It also has a great soft hand in person. On top of all that, it is an archive fabric meaning it was one of the original designs from early Knoll Textile days and has been revamped for the modern age.

Regard | Chrysanthemum
A lovely flower design with a nice natural color way. Some people can be scared of florals but if paired with the right accents, it can be timeless.

Kimono | Chaya
I've never been a big fan of Oriental design but this fabric does it in a subtle doable way. I also have a firm belief that every room should have some form of stripes in it. Kimono uses stripes with a twist of organic design adding depth to the piece. 

Stirling | Hillside
What texture huh! So much color variation in a solid, how lovely. And it has a soft vintage wear to it that I love. 

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