Saturday, December 24, 2011

My Xmas Present to you with Love

 Great photo collection from The Herschel Supply Co. Brand -- great place for vintage-esc sporty backpacks etc. Obviously I couldn't pick my top 5 photos... so I went with my top 16... ENJOY!

Dawn Gepfert Designs

These are photos from my friend Zoe's house in Connecticut deigned by her mom interior designer Dawn Gepfert -- I love the plate of seeds!


for the inner hipster bike lover in all of us

mmmm yes please, I'd take anything with that view

A photograph stolen from the lovely Miss Beasley's blog

Hannah David + Ralph Lauren Ads

This used to be my favorite ad when I was younger reading teen vogue, the rustic chic outfit, her runched dirty blonde hair and the intense eyes made me want to own everything Ralph Lauren ever sold.

Very little beats a handsome man in a bow tie and stylish polos -- all they need are five oclock shadows

stylish little kiddies --> insanely adorable


outfit must have:

Christmas gift pretty please? Too bad I don't know where these come from, well maybe it is a good thing... black and white and turquoise -- nothing beats that!

Friday, December 23, 2011

kate moss

What a great wide ranged portfolio that is Kate Moss -- the many angles, the hair in the face, the piercing eyes -- amazing model

Monday, December 19, 2011

the essentials

Out of the 245 I have seen 48. I thought I was doing good but apparently not. I am not quite up to date on my Horror or Western and personally don't care to be anytime soon. The Dramas and Comedies are pretty good essential lists though. How many have you seen?

guilty pleasure

Vampire Diaries is my overly embarrassing guilty pleasure... but who can blame me with boys like these!?


My boyfriend and I just watched Breakfast at Tiffanys (his first time ever) and remembered how truly fabulous Audrey was. So classy yet so juvenile. These are my two favorite snapshots: that great ridiculous eye mask and the scene where they steal the masks from the store.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Fhoto Friday

What a lovely Christmas card photo idea

Please take me to the city, pretty pretty please. That light is beyond beautiful.

Fall is my love. Foliage please stay forever.

What a great face, I would love to sketch it if I had time...

muted sepia beauty

Screw Black Friday, I'm thinking of design!

Mix and match sofa sections? I like it oddly enough

White + Gold + Brown = Perfection

I love Louis chairs in a modern space

Bilbo Baggins, are you there?

pink is for lovers

Very linear house, nice and open