Thursday, October 20, 2011

The first rule of Fight Club is... opps

Amazing scene and even more amazing movie -- not sure how I feel about the actual quote though... very dawning

paint and balloons

This makes me want to go to Paris so bad -- hipped French roofs and the Louvre

All Hail The Sea

You can't go wrong with pinstripe and blue... sometimes I swear I am a New England gal

Native American Inspiration

It is hard to see but the embroidery on her shorts is gorgeous

Planner Obsession

Though this is not my planner, it's not a far cry. I have a strange fascination with filling planners and to-do lists! I get a rush from looking at my month view and seeing seas of colors and reminders. Plus: I like the Pantone touches at the corner :)


All fall break I have been watching old Gossip Girl dvds -- judge all you want but this show had some truly great fashion