Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I love these two paintings, so vibrant and fun - it makes this space amazing

well done mix-matching dining table chairs

Tell me if you can figure out what movie this bedroom is from?

Frames and pots and chairs oh my

soooo many pots = love

I love ivy, but maybe that's because I don't own a garden

Interior Design fairy tale

How magical...

I always wanted to be an architect...

Eh, not TOO shabby...

Accessories = the funnest part

rustic worn wood is the only way to go

can't go wrong with vintage vogue

I love these pillows and that view

I. Want. This. Closet. Obsessed.

too cute for a kids room

I can't decide if I like this or not, but the larger than life Da Vinci is beautiful

tattoos cont.

an amazing replica work of art


I'm in love with henna designs, so elegant and natural

Dali esc