Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wedding Inspiration

Wedding: Rustic Italian Villa

Wedding: Bed & Breakfast Country Chic

Wedding: Marie Antoinette DreamParty

Wedding: Chic Spring Vintage Carnival

Story. Of. My. Life.

adventures... be free...


all very true in their own unique way haha

Harmonica Man -- great face

country farm cozy

Fight Club & Kings of Leon -- great designs

haha i WILL kill you...

M & F Fashion Picks of the Week

Oscar de la Renta

gorgeous dress...


Emma Watson -- still can't decide if I like her new haircut or not... I'm leaning towards no but she can still rock it

yayy accesories

Tuesday Fashion Inspiration

No it's not winter but leggings boots and a big T never go out of style

...I heart neutral browns and blacks <3

Mine were: Maniac, Clam, Woman... hmm? What do yall get

Style Inspiration -- Vanessa Hudgens

I love her simple chic style - this is so me: neutrals, comfy, baggy, hippy -- love!

Badass Women Through Time

Anna Wintour - badass editor

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen - badass twins

Mila Kunis - badass ballerina

Marilyn Monroe - badass bombshell

Fabric or Wood?

Really cool wood sculpture made from hundreds of cut wood slits to make this great organic piece of art