Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tracery Interiors

Such a beautiful portfolio! Tracery is based out of Birmingham, AL and the website is (hint hint please give me an internship!)


I've been on a Dave kick lately, it's spring and it's a happy time    
“Sweet like candy to my soul, sweet you rock, and sweet you roll.”

Humor Overload

A little late on Valentines Day but still makes me giggle

so gross

I remember back when this game was a lot more innocent...

Good bid though

This is my college.....

I truly love this sport <3


favorite: bottom left -- so bold!

Already ready for next winter...

you little girly are adorable, I hope my kid will be this trendy

I have an odd obsession with elbow pads

mmm accessories

My new purchase from -- too fun!

My personal favorite: top right


Marilyn you're lovely

If you have not read this series yet turn off the computer and READ!

I highly suggest this book series. An easy but fascinating page turning read. It's got action suspense adventure romance intrigue. All those adjectives haha but don't see the movie first, nothing compared...

Happy Belated Christmas?

Literally I downloaded this is December to post on Christmas.... it's April. But hey, everyday is Harry Potter Day.