Friday, November 25, 2011

Fhoto Friday

What a lovely Christmas card photo idea

Please take me to the city, pretty pretty please. That light is beyond beautiful.

Fall is my love. Foliage please stay forever.

What a great face, I would love to sketch it if I had time...

muted sepia beauty

Screw Black Friday, I'm thinking of design!

Mix and match sofa sections? I like it oddly enough

White + Gold + Brown = Perfection

I love Louis chairs in a modern space

Bilbo Baggins, are you there?

pink is for lovers

Very linear house, nice and open


(Inspired by above)

So for my Textiles class we had to design a fabric pattern and above is my croque... I honest to god can't decide if I like it but my teacher seems to love it. There is just something wrong with the colors and I can't seem to put my finger on it. The birds are good though, I did them on Adobe Illustrator. I titled it "Perch"...might be the best thing about the fabric, the title...

Friday Fashion Pick

Just in time for fall... My favorite is middle far right: I'm a sucker for stripes

oh Disney...

I personally like the 1995-2009 ladies best, lets keep them around for a while Disney

If I had an iphone, no boring case for me

I'm a sucker for anything bird related, plus the wood grain ground is unique and beautiful

glamour and intrigue

James, James Bond

Gwyneth Paltrow

art withdrawals

 <-- THIS is what I was attempting when I made THIS -->
I did this piece of art above in High School when I took AP Art. I would do anything to go back to that class with Mrs. Mason and her hilariously funky art ideas and conversations. I had it made: the whole back room to myself, every art material available at my fingertips, and all the creativity and ideas flowing through me. Since High School I rarely paint anymore and it somewhat breaks my heart. I have creative outlets like rendering and Photoshop I do a lot but nothing beats a paint brush in hand and a huge white canvas staring up at you...